Annual membership for adults (age 15 or over)

700.00 RSD

Annual family membership (2 or more members)


Annual membership for retired


Annual children’s membership


Annual branch libraries membership


Monthly membership (for using resources within Library)


Group membership (over 10 members)


Klub 3 members are entitled to 50% discount for annual membership



Free membership is entitled to:

–       Preschool children and 1st grade primary school pupils,

–     Members of all organizations for people with disability including members of War Veterans and War Military Disabled Persons associations,

–       Pregnants,

–       Voluntary blood donors, for the year in which they donated (with certificate or blood donor card),

–       Persons with an honorary membership,

–       Užice family card holders for a single-family member,

–     Honorary students of both primary and secondary schools, and students who ranked among top 3 places in national and/or international student competitions.


Director may approve free membership, having in mind beneficiaries’ status and interest of the institution.


Membership payment details:


Account no: 840-169668-83

MOD and reference number: 97  03-07538-742141-00-04-820

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