Library-information holdings available at PLU’s reading rooms include:

  • Special fund with separate library collections,
  • Regional Heritage collection,
  • References collection,
  • Serial publications,
  • Old and rare items,
  • Holdings and resources obtained through ILL,
  • Including other library-information holdings with reasonably limited access,
  • In exceptional cases, for scientific and professional research purposes only, and upon director’s or attending PLU staff member’s approval, the resources intended to be used solely in reading rooms can be checked out over the weekend, or five days at most, after leaving personal identification document and signing the form,
  • Newspapers can be used in the Periodicals Department’s reading room, only. You can borrow one copy of a newspaper at a time. A Member can request and get up to 15 tomes of sheathed periodicals. The latter can be photocopied in accord with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, except in case(s) there’s an expert opinion that the material might get damaged in the process,
  • A Member using the reading room shall present a membership card or any other personal document to an attending librarian,
  • A Member is allowed to bring the following items into the reading room: writing equipment, silenced electronic devices, and bottled water,
  • When  bringing personal publications into the reading room, a Member shall report the items to the Librarian. Other services, loans and reservations are regulated by Rulebook on using library-information holdings, providing primary services and work with PLU Members,
  • A Member can order materials from other national or international libraries through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Likewise, members of other national and/or international libraries are able to borrow materials and copy articles from the PLU fund. Interlibrary loans from abroad is done through the National Library of Serbia and University Library “Svetozar Markovic”,
  • It is not possible to borrow materials from other institutions and libraries situated in Užice town area via Interlibrary loan,
  • Interlibrary loan does not cover the items which are normally not allowed to be checked out from the PLU, and for which photocopying is not allowed, such as: old and rare issues, reference/periodical publications, and non-literary resources (photos, audio recordings, etc.),
  • Interlibrary loan for the PLU members is done through Professional Literature Department.
  • Holdings obtained through Interlibrary Loan can be used only in the reading room at Professional Literature Department,
  • Return policy for the borrowed items is determined by the rules of the lending library.


Other borrowings and reservations are set forth by Rulebook on using library-information holdings, providing primary services and work with PLU members.


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