Bookbinders take preventive and curative measures to protect our holdings. There are machines for cutting paper and cardboard, knife, guillotine paper cutter/trimmer, and book press.

On average, eight ongoing magazines are bound each year (Politika 12 volumes, Sluzbeni glasnik 15 to 20, Srpski knjizevni list 1, Nin 3, Vesti 2, Uzicka nedelja 1, Sluzbeni list grada Užica 1, Politikin zabavnik 4 volumes). Around 600 quick interventions are done each year to repair small damages on publications, while 700 books are bound in hard, and 2,200 in soft cover.

Bookbinding covers services of photocopying for the Library and our users, all in accord with the copyright and similar laws. Bookbinding has a significant role in technical preparation for exhibitions and creative workshops at Children’s Department, as well as in preparing the necessary materials for everyday use in the Library.

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