Children’s Department

Children Department of Public Library Uzice, established back in 1967, is a special corner for our youngest members. It’s suited and aimed at pre-school kids and primary school pupils. Library of around 18,000 books includes: school readings, fiction, picture books, 3D books, educational and table top games, rich comic book collection, professional literature, reference collection, and numerous freely available children magazines.

We are also organizing educational and fun activities such as: book readings, art corner, exhibitions, recitation competitions, hosting current children’s authors… These activities are all aimed to encourage good reading habits in children.

For years now, Children’s Department together with primary schools and kindergartens, had been arranging educational and fun activities for pre-schoolers and first graders, attended by around 1,000 small boys and girls each year.

During summer months, your kids shouldn’t miss our creative summer workshops, tailored for all patrons of Children’s Department.

Started in 2018, each September we host a memorial art competition called My Favourite Literary Character in memory of librarian Ratka Vuckovic.

Together with primary school Dusan Jerkovic, for more than 10 years now, we are organizing New Year’s masked ball titled On the Wings of Imagination.

There are three computers available for the patrons of Children Department’s for searching database and doing homework.

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