Department for Processing Bibliographic Sources

This Department is dealing with professional classification, bibliographic processing, taking inventory of holdings and sources, and its main registry.

Public Library of Uzice complements its holdings by the means of procurement, receiving gifts, obtaining mandatory printed copy(ies) from publishers of Zlatibor District, and purchasing publications conducted on our behalf by the Ministry of Culture and Information.


in 1997 the Library started automatization of its business and making e-catalogue in ISIS software, where Biblio database was formed for processing monographic publications, Koris for keeping records on library members, loans, and processing of the periodicals.

COBISS software has been in use since 2004, developing COBISS NBU database which stores library holdings with automated borrowing and procurement. E-catalogue is available online, and is a part of Virtual Library of Serbia and Mutual Records Keeping. Also, there’s a mobile app mCOBISS for searching COBISS library databases within Serbian system.

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