Professional Books Department

Professional Books Department with the reading room is intended for all users who are dealing with scientific research (students, teachers, professors, scientists).

This department holds around 27,000 items of professional literature and all of them can be used in the reading room. This literature can be photographed, photocopied or scanned.


Special libraries include:

  • Reference collection (encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries)
  • Serbian Academy of Science and Arts publications
  • Serbian Literary Guild serials
  • Collected works of both Serbian and foreign writers
  • Collected works of eminent persons from scientific world
  • Large editions (Serbian Literature In 100 Books, Nine Centuries of Serbian Literature, Five Centuries of Croatian Literature, etc)
  • There are around 5,000 books in English, Russian, French, German, Italian and other languages which can be all checked out
  • Various non-literary collection (sheet music, photo documents, and cartographic materials)
  • Magazines (National Geographic, Astronomy, Digital).


Besides a standard reading room with 15 seats, integral part of Department is a Eletronic Reading Room with computers where users can access to electronic library services  and digital resources.

Interlibrary Loan is a service which can be used in cases when our library cannot meet demand of a Member (book, magazine, article, non-literary material, etc).

Public Library Uzice can loan materials from our own funds and from other librarie’s both in Serbia and abroad. For the readers outside of Užice, publications are borrowed exclusively at request from institutions (libraries). Courier service costs (Post Express) are covered by the user.

Interlibrary Loan is set out by Rulebook on using library-information holdings, providing primary services and work with Members of Public Library Uzice.

In addition to the annual membership, this Department also includes monthly membership in amount of 200 RSD, which allows a Member to use all holdings within the Library.

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