It’s easy to apply for a library card. If you are a citizen of the Republic of Serbia, or a foreigner with a valid passport, you can become registered Library user (in few simple steps).


After paying the membership fee (set forth by the Library’s Fees Act), checking your identity data, you will get a Library Membership Card, and become a registered Member of the Public Library Uzice (PLU). You can choose the duration of membership, and pay an annual or monthly membership fee, accordingly. The Annual membership is valid for a full year, from date of registration. Monthly membership expires 30 days after the registration date.


Membership can be renewed after updating individual data on the basis of your personal document/s and eventually issuing a new membership card.


For registration purposes, the following data are entered into our database:

–       Name and surname,

–       Parent’s or legal guardian’s name (for minors)

–       Permanent residence (with postcode),

–       Temporary residence (with postcode),

–       ID card/passport number, or any other valid personal document(s),

–       Occupation or rank (for statistical purposes),

–       Telephone number,

–       E-mail,

–       Education level (for statistical purposes).


For the minors you must provide parent’s or guardian’s ID card number, place and date of issuing.


Membership card contains the following data: name, surname, card number and Member’s bar-code.


A Library Membership Card is a document issued for the use only of the person named on it, and may not be used by any other person(s).


In case of damaging or losing your Membership Card, the fee for issuing a replacement one shall be charged according to the Library Fees Act. Issuing a counterpart shall be registered in Membership Database.

The Member is obliged to report any change of personal data to the Library official within 15 days after the change occurred.


When registering as a Member of PLU, or a parent/legal guardian of a Member under 18, you are accepting all the provisions of Rulebook on using library-information holdings, providing primary services and work with PLU Members.


The Library is protecting users’ data in accord with the current Law on Personal Data Protection.


Free membership is eligible for:

–       Preschool children,

–       1st  grade primary school pupils,

–       Voluntary blood donors, for the year in which they donated (with a certificate or blood donor card),

–       Persons with disability, members of the association of people with disability,

–       PLU employees and their immediate family (spouses and children),

–       Retired members of PLU staff,

–       Persons with an honorary membership,

–    Other categories for which PLU Administrative Board decides to be eligible for a free membership (pregnants, family membership card holders, war veterans, honorary pupils and students, pupils who ranked among the top 3 places in national or international competitions, members of various associations, organizations, etc).


The Director may approve free membership, having in mind user’s status and the Library’s best interest.


Members of Klub tri association or any other users are eligible for a discounted membership if Administrative Board (AB) or the Director approves so.

PLU’s Fees Act determines the amount of compensation for providing the Library’s services.

PLU’s Fees Act is approved by the Library’s AB.

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